Sony Video cameras – A Cyber-Shot For your Masses

Having its primary product being a rice cooker, leading camera manufacturers Nikon and Canon probably did not foresee that Sony would become one among its toughest competitors come age of photo digital portrait photography.

Sony happens to be a major manufacturer of electronics, appliances, and gadgets. Actually, its Sony walkman can be a world-renowned product. However, this didn’t produce video cameras until 1988 with a product called Mavica plus in 1996 when it brought out the powerful Cyber-Shot technology, which earned its rank on the list of five brands of video cameras of today.

The Cyber-Shot cameras by Sony appear in different lines called the W, S, T and H series to serve different quantities of photographers for example beginner, intermediate and advanced users. The lines have different physiques featuring sets including the slim sophisticated for the midsize basic models up to the more advanced bulkier cameras.

Almost all of the offerings from this brand can be found in various colors, rendering it easy for customers to find out that fits their personality. Sony also produces topnotch digital SLRs with interchangeable lenses and premium features.

S Series
Dubbed as the affordable Cyber-Shot choice, Sony’s S series combines user-friendliness and affordability with this brand of digicams. The fantastic thing about the cameras because of this series is because let you enjoy Sony’s superb quality and performance for the lesser price.

Bigger products out of this series will be the Sony S980, which can be dependant on a 1/2.33″ SuperHAD CCD image sensor, 12.1-megapixel resolution, and 4x optical zoom lens. Its 2.7-inch Vast screen forgoes any opportunity to come with an optical viewfinder.

W Series
Revolutionary technology combined with supreme features-these are definitely the selling attributes of the cameras that can in the W series. Besides that, these old digital cameras can be found in stylish designs and are also simple to operate just like the S series. Moreover, using the number of prices of camera using this line, you can surely find an issue that can readily squeeze into your financial budget.

One of the better options available from your W series may be the Cyber-Shot DSC-W290 with a wide-angle lens of 5x optical zoom, 12-megapixel resolution, HD video capture as well as a 3-inch LCD display. Really the only bad thing is that this does not zoom during videos. However, having its reasonable cost, fabulous interface, and power-packed features, W290 easily became one of many best-selling cameras with this line.

T Series
The T series may very well be because fashion model one of the bunch. The stylish and chic old digital cameras because of this line offers its slim, metallic profile along with signature sliding lens that enhance its beauty and splendor.
One of the best with this series may be the DSC-T500, offering a 1/2.3″ Sony SuperHAD CCD sensor, 10-megapixel resolution, 5x optical contact lens, and Sony’s Super Steady Shot optical image stabilization.

H Series
H series, that is made from high end cameras, is good for the more advanced users of digital cameras. The Sony H50, one of the top choices using this line, features a 9-megapixel resolution, a 15x optical zoom, a swivel LCD with 230,000 pixels plus a Super SteadyShot optical image stabilization.

Care Tips
As with all brand, Sony video cameras require good care. Sony photographic camera parts must be only substituted with genuine OEM parts; and be sure to have the digital camera dealth with by a skilled Sony camera mechanic if you don’t do the repair yourself.

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